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Let our lift speak for your home with our air-driven technology, making your movement within floors as smooth as ever. Our residential elevators surpass the normal by delivering functions so precise, reflecting your tastes and needs.

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With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we aim to redefine the very essence of home living. Our international standards of engineering ensure that your home in Canada enjoys the world’s safest rides. Safety is at the forefront of our design philosophy, gives you seamless as you ascend to new heights within the comfort of your home. Our futuristic technology, ahead of the curve, ensures that your home lift journey is more than moving but an experience.

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Enjoy a spectrum of advantages, ranging from personalized attention to an exclusively tailored approach. We bring global standards to your doorstep, enriched with the warmth of personalized service that embodies the quintessential Canadian charm. With us, it’s not just about moving but a living experience with a touch of refined elegance. Recognizing that your home reflects your unique style, our residentials elevators are carefully designed to complement and enhance your aesthetic.


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Witness a significant leap in both technology and aesthetics, enhancing the overall living experience of your Canadian residence. Elevate not just your home but the visual appeal of every space.

Our Customer Testimonials

“As a parent, I am grateful to NIBAV Home Lifts for their commitment to safety, which is evident in the EN, CE, and TUV SUD certifications. Their dedication to safety gives me confidence in the products I purchase for my home"
Deion Kentay, Canada
“I had limited space in my basement, but the NIBAV elevator’s compact design made it the perfect solution. It not only looks sleek and stylish, but it also provides convenient access to my kitchen on the lower level."
Chef John Christopher, Australia
“I always believed that climbing stairs is a great form of exercise, but I learned the hard way that using an improper form can lead to knee injuries. I now make sure to use my home elevator to safely access my basement gym."
William, Australia

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Proudly Assembled on Canadian Soil,

Now From $55k
Our commitment to provide elevator technology remains strong with each lift enhancing mobility. Add exquisite charm to your space with Nibav home elevators now proudly assembled in Canada!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are home elevators safe?
Yes, home elevators are essentially safe to use. However, it is best to ensure that we look for certifications that attest to the safety of these elevators. At NIBAV, we prioritize safety above everything else. All our lifts are certified by TÜV SÜD with a ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) certification
Home elevator cost in Canada?
The price of home elevators rangeNow Assemblein Canada from $55K. This price will vary depending on many factors like location, technology opted for, number of floors and so on.
Advantages of a Home Elevator
It is important to note that home elevators are vastly different from commercial elevators. Thus, the best home elevator for your home can be determined based on the size of the house, safety standards and also if it can be customized to your specific home. NIBAV Lifts are easy to install and don’t require a machine room or pit. Additionally, they offer panoramic views across the cabin that helps battle feelings of claustrophobia. Also our lifts are pet friendly and can be used by youngsters and elders alike.
Does an elevator need a machine room?
Yes, most home elevators need space for a machine room. However, Nibav Home elevators are self-contained plug-and-play structures so there is no need for a machine room or a pit, making installation possible in any location.